..... Tadam tadam .....

Mraw rrr fchhtt
miaw & miaw.

Miaw miaw mraw rraw miaw fcht, miaw rrrr. Rrrrrr? Miaw merrraw mraw miaw… Miaww behind the right ear & Merraww::miaw()! And rrrr, obviously…


(Humans may replace true musicians)
Dr Sygr
Bouba's a bit horny
I'm so Meaw
Thou shall not fuck with the Panda
Monkey business
Quema Breakfast

Humans may be

Great animals lead the band, humans may sometimes be used if the band feels lazy or the public miss some good ol’ cats

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AudioFanzine for cats

Désirant ouvrir la populace à des émerveillements soyeux (doit-elle en perdre la raison), Quema décide de vous laisser…


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