Bouba is a bit horny

June 22, 2021
Number of discs: 1

[[ New version incoming 2021]]

Gentlemen, if I were you I would start right now listening to these words
’cause you may have a serious problem
I guess you’ve all got wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, nieces
And god, I’m sure you carry about them
So wake up pals, cause you’re in big trouble
See, tonight is no ordinary night
Tonight… well… Booba is a bit horny
Right now, my friends, it’s time to move yourself
Cause tonight is the night when he goes out
Get ready for some action, and pray for your salvation
Tonight, oh man, Booba is a bit horny

His name is Booba
You look at him and only see a random drummin’ toy
but to female’s eyes
it reveals itself as a smiling teddy bear
and you know women love them
Now imagine the world’s cutest teddy bear
Man, get it?
You don’t stand a chance

It’s time to run
time to protect
all your females
before it’s done
Lock your house, lock your spouse
Until he’s gone
For he will come
Cute teddy bear
Female hunter
Emp’ror of sex
And beware… he is a bit horny

So hide them
Tie them
Tell em it’s for the best
No, wait, actually don’t say a word!
Cause when they hear Booba’s in town
Man, they’ll go reeeaaal crazy

That’s it
From now on, my friend, begins eternal loneliness
Bid farewell to love, affection, caresses
Tommorow ,you see, nothing will be the same
They won’t remember you, won’t even look at you

Face it man
You can’t beat teddy bears

When it comes to charm
Face it
When it comes to luxure
Can’t beat it
When it comes to love
When it comes to sex
Can’t beat teddy bears

To give enough orgasms
To make em learn something about god
To make em forget who their were sharing their life with
THAT sounds like Booba’s job
And he’s sooo good at it,

So long fellas, you already lost it
Tonight, Bubba’s a bit horny