Thou shall not fuck with the Panda

June 22, 2021

[[ New version incoming 2021]]


One day
In a future not so far away
that your child might still witness it,
people will be burying mountains of corpses,
lamenting about how great life was
when there was enough human on earth
that you could meet new people every day

Because, during this glorious era
they were doing anything they could
to kill each other.
Anything. It was like a gigantic murder contest.
“Let’s kill ourselves” seemed to be the main human rule.

But they will remember the tough law, carved in their skin,
and they will tell their children that  yes,
you can make shelter upon big nuclear bombs
you can make wars, build prisons, countries
and repeat that
a sad god ordered you to slaughter your brothers

all of that you can do my child
and humanity will go on,
follow its good old rails,
but there is one thing
that we did
and that you never shall do ….

ooh they were already warning us
we didn’t listen
we didn’t listen to them

we’re warning you

So, let’s say you wanna survive.
Mark theses words
Maybe you wanna go murder your brothers?
If you feel like it
Or destroy planet earth ?
Be my guest

But there’s one thing that you did

Thou shall not fuck with the panda!

you ‘ll remember the tough law , carved in your skin,  and tell your children to go play with the bombs
be nuclear kiddos !
imagine wars, prisons, races, countries!
Even dream that a god told ya to slaughter your ennemies
(biggest party ever, you’ll see)

Play all that stuff and dear old humanity goes on
follows its good old rails,  but there is that tiny thing that you’ve done
kind of messed up, stopped his nap he told us
you people learnt.
you people learnt bambou the hard way
it hurts